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What is WB Wallet?

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WBank wallet is the first decentralized electronic wallet in the world, based on ERC-20 platform. Completely based on blockchain technology. WBank wallet is the first wallet to integrate DEX “Your money is safe”.

This system has an attractive mechanism, It generates a stable revenue from DApps ETHEREUM, Games, etc.This is the largest ecosystem on ETH ever.So WB Wallet wants the freedom that Blockchain provides globally for anyone who voluntarily participates in a decentralized network.

Wb Token Wallet is a completely decentralized wallet:
 The number of distributed computer networks across the global system, sponsored by computers connected from the world bank.
 Rights and powers do not focus on any object or leader.
The activity data is separate, and operates independently, recorded by the ledger and transparent block moved
More than just a decentralized e-wallet, we go beyond the limits of the bank, we are a complete ecosystem of DAPPs (decentralized applications)
Decentralized exchange integrated in electronic wallets:
 Wb Token Wallet states that WB Wallet is the first decentralized standardized digital wallet on the ETH Blockchain platform and has built-in exchange.
Currently on the ETH platform there are decentralized exchanges such as IDEX, Bancor, Etherdelta, … and Wb Token Wallet are proud to be similar decentralized exchanges and integrated at the wallet (where assets are stored). .Currently, WB Wallet DEX is already one of the largest NODE on the ETH platform.
 Order book feature, trading of the trading platform
Besides,They will have the Appstore and PC version updates this month.
The strategic vision that Wbank has: There are all versions on every platform including: PC, Mobile, Extention … They will support Dapps worldwide
Prior to Google banned Metamask, Wbank was aiming to become the strongest community growth wallet today.
They have grown 50,000 user IDs after just one week of launching the Chplay version.
And it is Wbank that has given users the world’s largest decentralized decentralized wallet.Therefore, Wbank aims to become a market for Dapps. This is also a strong point for the development of wbank applications In the coming development time, wbank will support users to buy and sell decentralized domain exchange and anonymous hosting.
They emphasize that owning wbt means holding wbank’s corporate shares. They will also publish profits from the wbank ecosystem.

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