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Universal adaptability : Smartkey’s technology vision for the smart cities of the future

Smartkey’s vision and purpose is to be the enabler for the smart city of the future and the sharing economy using the blockchain and crypto values to realise this.

Our platform builds a network of technological solutions to support various solutions that we support which can be dynamically adapted for use by organisations and people around the world. Key to this is creating a universal standard in communication to enable seamless interoperability across data sources and systems.

Our technological strategy is to combine process universalism and adaptability. Each solution that we implement with a partner is dedicated to a given industry and activity. The partners then confirm that the solution works and offers value and can make recommendations for future development.

Smartkey is building universal solutions for services including:

Limited term rental — a module for managing hotel bookings, office rentals by the hour, parking lots and warehouses. The Smartkey system is designed for open adaptation by hundreds of companies operating in accommodation and other limited term rentals.

Car sharing and car hire — a solution dedicated to auto mobility that enables fleet managers or individuals to share and control access seamlessly. From Q1 2021, all new partners will implement Smartkey technology fitted as standard and make available as an optional extra for their products.

Secure access — a module for systems that manage private access such as residential estates, enabling access for couriers, cleaning services, other authorized persons or companies without the need for multiple keys or devices. Smartkey has recently partnered with WEKTA, Europe’s leading intercom manufacturer, giving over 3,5m households in Poland access to blockchain-enabled access.

Our growing suite of partners offers real world verification and use cases of SmartKey technology, with the number of installations set to exceed 500k by the end of the year. This will be the largest implementation of BoT technology in the world for use in access control. The universality of the SmartKey connector solution will enable the implementation of the solution in most access systems in the world.

Processes are the second part of our technology strategy. We support processes such as social value management systems, i.e. systems that do not directly have business models but help create trust in the brand and prove out the value proposition. For example, SmartKey recently rolled out “Rescue Without Barriers”, to create a universal solution for emergency services, enabling access to any secure building or area without needing to wait for permission or a keyholder. The successful pilot in Olsztyn, Poland has led to interest from medical services from around the world including Canada, Turkey, Germany and the Czech Republic.

The benefits to Smartkey are:

  • Establishing trust in the solution and building the SmartKey brand.
  • Credible recommendations of social partners.
  • Volume and scale of implementations and standardization of the solution.

About SmartKey

SmartKey is the missing part of the puzzle that connects the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain with the world of physical assets. Contact us If you want to participate in the development process or have an idea to use the technology. We are happy to provide you with our hardware devices or grant access to API!

If you’d like to find out more about SmartKey, its best-in-class technology and visit the

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