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Pokemon: From Anime to Digital Currency

2020 marks the 24-year anniversary of the day little cuddly monsters called Pokémon made their first appearance. This seed of an idea eventually grew into a premise involving the collection of monsters for combat purposes, starting from watching cartoons to playing Gameboy to collecting Pokemon card and virtual reality Pokemons through Pokemon Go app.
Today a team of 5 came up with a new idea to take Pokemon to a new level by combining Cryptocurrency with Pokemon they created Pokeball Token with hope that The Pokemon Company will like their project and take over it.

” We are a team of cryptocurrency investors and Pokemon fans who thought about creating a new concept from pokemon, this project has nothing to do with The Pokemon Company, we are just an ambitious team of 5 that want with the help of our potential community to be part of Pokemon history, our goal is to push this project to success, leading NFT market and seduce The Pokemon Company to adopt the project ”       says David.

Pokeball Token:

Pokeball is a Defi Token, Decentralized exchange and a Blockchain game on Ethereum that allows investors to stake, farm, vote for decisions and Collect NFTs through the game.

” we made this project 100% driven by Pokeball community, our job will be done once we finish with all the development.” says David.


“We want to make of Pokeball Token the currency of Pokemon world”


– Pokeball is the main Token of the project


-Poketypes : their is 18 tokens in total and they represent Elements and abilities of Pokemons

– Pokemon NFTs game:

NFT Concept:
All Pokémon creatures and their moves are assigned certain types that is defining them, for the
collector to able to get a fire type Pokemon NFT he will need Fire poketype. There are also
pokemons that has more than one ability, for example to be able to get Lugia, collectors will
need Psychic, Dragon and Water Poketypes. Pokemons also gain abilities through evolution like
Charizard, Charizard gained dragon and fly type and ability, in this case collectors will need
Charmeleon plus fly and dragon poketypes. collectors job doesn’t end here, By connecting their
wallet to the game they will need to find the pokemon and catch it to activate the NFT.

“We made sure to relate all tokens to each other to create a balance and a backup. Pokemon
community is huge and they love to collect, if NFTs do good Pokeball and Poketypes tokens will
do good too and vise versa, Creating NFTs is also effecting Supply of Poketypes, someday in the
future their will be no more poketypes”

says David.

Pokeball presale will annouced, for more info join their Telegram:
Links :

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