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Justin Sun’s Tron Follows Binance to Become 4th Crypto With Twitter Branded TRX Emoji

Tron (TRX) became the fourth cryptocurrency to receive its branded Twitter hashtag emoji after successive additions of the top crypto, Bitcoin (BTC), exchanges native token, CRO, and Binance Coin (BNB), which was added on Thursday this week.

In an announcement on the official Tron Foundation page, Twitter users can now view the TRX logo beside any of the following five hashtags; #TRON, #TRX, #TRONConference, #TRONAnniversary, and TRONGreatVoyage. The latter two are possibly targeting TRON’s upcoming August 29 mainnet live launch anniversary and the TRON 4.0 launch, named the ‘Great Voyage,’ later this month, respectively.

The total cost to acquire these branded emojis is still undisclosed, but some reports point that this branded emojis cost in a range of $10,000 to $50,000 spent in Twitter ad money to acquire.

Bitcoin (BTC) led the advent of crypto emojis on the platform with Jack Dorsey, the founder and CEO of Twitter and Square, a payments firm that supports Bitcoin development, launching the service on his bio page.

Giving back to the community

Every move is a marketing opportunity for TRON Foundation, led by Justin Sun. He took this opportunity to do a giveaway to his followers to help advertise the new TRX emoji.

For a chance to win TRON merchandise, MacBook Pro, iPhone 11, and a pair of Airpods Pro, users should follow the array of Twitter accounts under the Tron Foundation, add the new TRX branded Twitter emoji on their bio page and share the screenshot on Justin’s post.

A foul taste

The addition of TRX emoji and widespread marketing campaigns have not rubbed off well with everyone in the crypto space. One community is the rival blockchain, Ethereum, which is yet to receive its own Twitter emoji despite being the second-largest cryptocurrency.

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, also expressed his criticism in response to TRON fanatic and Reckless VR founder, Udi Wertheimer, stating TRON deals with 10X more flaws than ETH but receives less bashing from seasoned Bitcoiners. He shared a screenshot in a bid to explain the “TRON stanning” across the BTC community:

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