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IOI, the revolutionary NFT gaming platform partnered with Matic and Arkane.

 Who did not have a chance to get to know IOI yet, now is about the time. IOI corporation brings fresh and innovative projects to the blockchain industry, and they could turn into a bombshell in a short period of time.


IOI development


IOI team is on fire. IOI-GAME has been developed in a very short time. The project achieved to become DappRadar Nr.1 game on Tron blockchain. 


The game got also awarded as the Nr.1 Blockchain Game 2020 according to the DappStats.


Recently they have partnered with Arkane network which is very positive news. 


In cooperation with Matic, they are about to release soon #1 Trade Race Manager in 3D (link:


It is player vs. player trading game. Play2earn model with NFT staking brings many earning opportunities for their users. The awesome fact is, that the gameplay is based on real market data, which guarantees uniqueness in each game.


The platform is powered by IOI token and collectable NFTs.


If you are looking for a legit project to invest in, do not miss a chance to keep an eye on the IOI public token sale. It is going to take place on 25. February 2021, and this is the opportunity for investors to add IOI token in their portfolio still low-price.

The IOI Corporation team is firm believers that blockchain and its features, including NFTs, can bring much more than just amusement to the whole gaming community.


Let’s find out how much you can benefit from collecting NFTs and playing the games.


Non-fungible tokens 


One of the Trade Race Manager’s new main features is the NFTs, including one token economy with the IOI token. The first one launched will be 3D NFT cars in four editions and tiers with a limited number of pieces.


The top benefit besides the possibility of winning the race is the staking function incorporated. More NFT cars you have more staking gain you get.

The NFT cars editions are as follows:
– cars in bronze edition get 6% APY,
– cars in silver edition get 12% APY,

– cars in gold edition get 18% APY,

– cars in platinum edition get 24% APY

Let’s have a look at the numbers. There are six tiers in every edition; hence you can own six cars.

Double your staking reward with a rare car

Once you own the complete edition, you will unlock a BONUS rare car; which increases your daily staking reward by 100%. The only condition to get the rare car NFT rewards is to participate in a minimum number of races shown in the table.


IOI Corporation team is preparing some presale prices for car NFTs

approaching the game launch. Moreover, they are rewarding the best player. The more you play, the more you earn. You can unlock NFTs cars playing IOI games according to volume levels starting with 1,000 IOI for Tier 1 up to 2 Million IOI for Tier 24. More details are shown below. 

The team is generous to those who are with IOI in the long-term journey. Trade Race Manager NFTs game will give members several benefits in the form of unlimited rewards and possible real value token appreciation, which you exchange at the NTF open market.

After launching cars as NFTs, soon there will be additions of the NFT team station and the NFT tracks with different benefits.

Are you interested in this unique platform? Join IOI Telegram and follow their social media to get always the newest info about the project.



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