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Insights in the Pokeball Token project

A team of cryptocurrency investors and Pokémon fans try to take Pokémon to a new level, this project has nothing to do with the Pokémon Company, they are just an ambitious team,  that want to be part of Pokémon history inclouding their whole community. The goal of the project is to success in the leading NFT market and seduce The Pokémon Company to adopt the project and make the Pokeball the Currency of Pokémon world.

By combining Defi and NFT they bringing Pokeball Token to life, featured with Pokestake, Pokefarm, Governance (Dao) and Pokeswap for our Pokémon community.


● Pokeball Token
● Poketype Tokens : 18 in total (water, fire, fly, dragon…) they represent abilities and elements of Pokemons
● NFTs


○ Pokestake: get APY on pokeball staked.
○ Pokefarm: Farm and get Poketypes Tokens of your choice to get your desired Pokemon.
○ Governance(DAO) : this project will be governed and driven by the community since day 1 after the end of the presale Through DAO. Pokeball holders will have ability to vote for all topics including Tokenomics.
○ Pokeswap : Decentralized exchange, Pokemons will only be available in Pokeswap.
○ NFT: Pokémon fans and collectors will be able to catch Pokemons in the game after meeting all requirements.

Tokens details:

Pokeball [ $PKB ] : 500.000.000
Poketypes: (total of 18)
Pokémons: rarity of Pokémons will determine how many will be available.

How to collect NFTs

There are 18 types of poketypes that investors will collect depends on what kind of Pokémon they are interested in. Poketype token, which is based on its design and natural habitat, is a prerequisite:


It doesn’t stop here, after fulfilling all requirements, collectors has to catch final Pokémon NFTs through a game.


Pokeball team have prepared 3 Tokenomics for our community, vote will take place through DAO right after the end of pre-sale, Pokeball is a 100% community governed project.

☆ Presale informations:

Price: 0.04$
Starting date: 10–20–2020
Soft Cap: 760 ETH
Hard Cap: 2400 ETH
Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH
Maximum investment: 50 ETH

  • 1 ETH : 9.000 PKB
  • 21–50 ETH: for every extra ETH over 20, investors will get 7000 pokeballs plus extra 2000 Token bonus of each Poketype Tokens (18 × 2.000 = 36.000) 24 hours after the end of pre-sale. For example Chris invested 33 ETH he will get 271.000 PKB [ (20 x 9000) + (13 x 7000) ]+ 468.000 Poketypes [ (2.000 × 18) x 13 ]

How they use the collected  ETH?

They need ETH to provide enough liquidity for a total of 19 coins; Pokeball + 18 Poketypes; no pre-sale of Poketypes will take place.

Links :

Visit our website:
Telegram :

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